8 oz

Embrace a sense of purpose with our Chosen candle. The unique fragrance and warm glow surround you with an aura of significance. Let this candle remind you that you are chosen for greatness and distinction.

  • Natural Soy Wax: Crafted with care, Chosen candles feature natural soy wax for a clean and eco-friendly burn, prioritizing sustainability and environmental consciousness.
  • Essential Oils for Healthy Burn: Scented with essential oils, Chosen candles offer a healthy and natural burning experience, enhancing the aroma while maintaining a clean and toxin-free space Sweet Cherry orange Aromas.Immerse yourself in the delightful fusion 
  • Minimalist Elegance: Embrace the minimalist elegance of Chosen candles, perfect for those appreciating simplicity and sophistication in their living space, with a sleek design that complements various decor styles.

Elevate your space with the Chosen candle, where natural ingredients, essential oils, and a captivating aroma come together to create a truly luxurious and elegant experience.

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